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Counseling Specialties

Addictions Counseling

As a Certified Addictions Counselor, we work with clients struggling with a variety of addictions or addictive tendencies.

Our primary focus is working with people with addictive personalities. People with addictive personalities find ways to avoid dealing with life problems by escaping into their addictive behavior. Besides alcohol and drug addiction, people can become addicted to a behavior. This is defined as a process addiction, and it includes activities such as over-shopping, over-working, gambling, over or under-eating, online activities such as gaming or pornography, relationship or sexual addictions, over-exercising, over use of video games or other electronic devices, etc. These behaviors are defined as an addiction when the activity causes serious negative consequences, either socially, emotionally, physically, or financially. We help our clients to get to the underlying causes of the addiction and work through the emotions involved. We also see clients who are affected by addictions carried out by members of their family and who may have co-dependency issues.

Emotional Distress from: Depression/Anxiety/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Many of us have bad days when we feel out of balance emotionally. When this occurs for a prolonged length of time, counseling is often very helpful, as there are usually underlying reason for off moods. More often than not, these feelings and behaviors are triggered by thoughts. We help our clients to identify their unhealthy thoughts and teach them how to re-frame those thoughts so they don’t cause emotional distress.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A traumatic memory can be defined as any negative memory of a past event that is causing stress in your life today. An event that may not have had a negative effect on one person may have been traumatic for someone else. I am trained in a process called Holographic Memory Resolution (described on the Treatment Specialties page). I have used this method successfully to treat many types of past traumas.

Relationship Issues

All of us are involved in relationships starting as a child with our parents. We continue developing relationships with family members and peers along the way. We go to school and have relationships with teachers and fellow students which later in life become bosses and co-workers. We have dating relationships and sometimes marriages and even children and grandchildren. Often there are only little bumps along the way, but many of these relationships are helpful and nurturing. However, many people have relationship problems. We will work with you to help you heal past hurts and traumas caused by bad relationships and to develop the skills needed to create healthy relationships.

Meditation Training

Meditation is very beneficial in the emotional healing process. Just as your body needs to “power down” at night to heal and wake up refreshed, your brain needs the same self care. Just like our bodies, we need to give our thought processes a break from time to time. The brain is always active in some way. Even when sleeping we have an awareness of our surroundings. Our thoughts are busy with dreams as well, even if we don’t remember them. Meditation is a passive activity we can learn in order to calm the anxiety and create a feeling of well being.

Parent Education

I offer individual counseling and education for parents. My methods are based on the S.T.E.P. program, Systematic Training for Effective Parenting. This program was developed using the parenting methods developed by Rudolf Dreikurs, MD. The S.T.E.P. program has helped thousands of parents cope with the often overwhelming job of parenting. It is a sensible, easy to understand program that can bring peace and joy back to being a parent.