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Diane Chaput


After receiving my Masters degree in counseling, I began my professional career at McHenry County Family Services, counseling adults with disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Addictions. I worked with clients individually and in groups, frequently using Art Therapy to help my clients express themselves in new ways. I later worked for Peer Services in Evanston helping people who were dealing with chronic mental illnesses along with chemical dependency issues. I have taught numerous parent education groups based on the teachings of Rudolf Dreikurs, a renowned parent educator who studied under Alfred Adler.

Since 2004 I have been seeing clients in my private practice, seeing adults, adolescents and couples needing help and support.


  • Graduate School: Adler School of Professional Psychology 1999 ~ Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy
  • Certification: Certificate in Addictions Counseling
  • Additional Education: Professional Life Coaching program

Sarah Hope


Upon receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Sarah’s passion for work with the homeless and individuals afflicted with addiction, brought her to New Delhi, India to work side by side with street children. While there, Sarah learned to incorporate natural empathy, non-verbal communication and holistic spirituality to help nurture and teach these children daily life skills, and helped to build there self esteem.

In 2012, after her life changing journey in India, Sarah find herself on a new journey, in Chicago, with the same passions for helping those who desperately needed a voice, or an advocate. In 2013, Sarah started her Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Adler University, and found that social justice for all would be an underlying driving force for Sarah throughout her career.

Starting in 2009, Sarah has experience working in Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation centers, individual and group counseling on the West Side of Chicago with homeless clients, severe mental illness, and couples and family therapy. Upon her graduation with her Masters degree in 2015, Sarah started administering Neurofeedback under the guidance of Diane Chaput, L.C.P.C in Northbrook, IL.

Sarah currently incorporates her counseling abilities with administering Neurofeedback, to provide a holistic therapeutic experience. Sarah currently works closely with all age groups (9-70 years), and all degrees of mental illness, with a specialty in depression, anxiety, and panic disorder. Sarah continues to use her empathic abilities, mixed with her new love of Neurofeedback therapy to incorporate an authentic experience for all clients.


Biana Mavasheva


Biana Mavasheva is a Licensed Professional Counselor whose life has been her classroom. Graduate work at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology offered Biana the tools and modalities she needed to provide powerful interventions and supportive psychotherapy to her clients. Biana is skilled in working with trauma, addiction and abuse including sexual assault, depression, anxiety and relationship issues.

During the past decade Biana has developed and taught a range of community resources including personal development workshops and courses in wellness. At Inspired Living, Biana helps individuals, couples and families resolve emotional wounds, betrayals, communication difficulties, fears and grief. Biana’s integrative approach to a mind-body-spirit healing process has its foundations in her spiritual counseling work. With an attitude of acceptance and non-judgment Biana utilizes practical tools to help people resolve conflict, release destructive patterns, alleviate emotional turmoil, heal relationships, connect to their most optimal selves, feel empowered, and fulfilled in their lives. She is honored to engage in a therapeutic relationship with clients who are ready to join her in the healing process of therapy.

Biana facilitates a number of personal development workshops geared to help clients heal emotional wounds, find healthy coping tools to alleviate anxiety, discover relief from addiction, establish healthier relationships, and lead a more optimal life. To find out more about her workshops or to connect further with Biana, email her at, call her at 847-924-1440 or visit her website at